case studies

mars incorporated

The brief:
As a recognised leader in professional sales and sales management, Mars needed to ensure best practice was shared throughout the core operating companies across the Group.  And, with the business encompassing FMCG, B2B and technical sales disciplines, they needed somebody who truly understood the business.

As our managing partner (Doug Spence) had previously worked in all 4 main divisions of the Group, Spence Associates became the central resource to co-ordinate this initiative.

Our response:

  • Established best practice in global and national sales across all divisions of the Mars Group
  • Delivered a range of sales management programmes, including the first global sales training initiative that embraced key account managers from the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific, and from divergent business units (e.g.  Pedigree Petfoods, Foursquare Vending and Mars Electronics).
  • Spence Associates became the lead consultant to Mars Electronics International from 1993-2003, delivering: European Sales Training, Global Conference Facilitation, Consultant/Coach to Global Sales Management Team


  • Through the launch and implementation of a customised global framework of sales best practice (across all business units), core methodologies are now shared throughout the Group and firmly embedded as part of the Mars culture.